Badhu - Episode 1071 - 11th March 2017

Ananya is a beautiful & educated girl and hails from a decent family background but she gets the shock of her life when she gets to know that she would never be able to bear a child. That's where she decides to marry a widower who has 3 children. Badhu is the story of Dipanker, his 3 kids and his 2nd wife Ananya. Ananya is a loving mother and a caring wife, and a responsible daughter in law. The whole family appreciates her but a few members of their family despise her. It's because of their evil motives she faces a lot of turmoil in the family. But after a few years of her marriage, she manages to conceive, however the evil family members poison the mind of Dipanker's mother who forces her to abort the child, instead Ananya in a fit of anger leaves the house. Unfortunately the faces a brutal accident. The family gets to know of this and mourns her death. But as they say nothing is fatter than fate, she gets rescued by a villager who takes care of her since she is unble to locate her whereabouts because she loses her memory due to the accident. On the other hand, the evil maid of Dipankar's house finds a look alike of Ananya, whom she manages to convince to stay in their house and pretend to be Ananya in a bid to take over the property. Eventually Ananya gets back her memory while Anuradha, her look alike lives with Dipanker's family. Ananya then returns back to her house to claim her position in the family and that's where the whole family remains spellbound seeing 2 faces look so much alike. Dipanker and his family members decide to hold a few tests to find out who is the real Ananya. Even before the test has started Ananya's children recognize their real mother, however Ananya and Anuradha move ahead with the tests and in the process Dipanker too gets to know who the real Ananya is even though Anuradha wins a few tests with the help of the maid and a few evil family members. He finally reveals that he is aware of who is his real wife in front of the whole family. With ups and downs in their life, it's a visual delight to see a couple protect their relationship.