Dance Odisha Dance - Li'l Masters


Dance Odisha Dance - Li'l Masters 2016 - Grand Finale

Sarthak TV yet again presents you another turn around show Dance Odisha Dance - Li'l Masters, of the Dance India Dance franchisee. The participants of this show are kids from 4 to 14 years of age. The auditions were held in various parts of Odisha and with parameters like never before, our judges have been very careful on whom they are selecting taking the level of the show to a different level. The judges of the show are 'Saswat Joshi' - eminent Odissi dancer who has left his mark in various parts of the world; 'Harihar Dash' - popular Locking and Popping star of India and 'Bhavna Pani' - Bollywood star, model and Odissi dancer. The show is already a hit in Odisha and has scored more than any Odia reality show had ever scored in its opening week.