Manini - Episode 930 - 11th September 2017

Manini is a young girl who is the bread winner of her family.
After the demise of her father, she looks after her mother, sister, brothers and their wives.Manini works for an arrogant egotistic man Arjun and has a love-hate relationship with him. Siddharth who is younger than Manini falls in love with her. However, Manini's sister Neha is obsessively in love with Siddharth. Manini chooses Siddharth over Arjun on the day of her marriage and with this starts her painful journey at her in law's place. Neha joins hands with Manini's mother in law Rajlaxmi to always demean and insult Manini who now struggles to look after her maayka as well as sasural being a dutiful daughter and bahu. Manini has to step out of the house to work as she does not want to take money from her husband to look after her blood relatives. She is unknowingly working at Arjun's restaurant. Arjun is a changed man and has platonic feelings for Manini. Rajlaxmi and Neha eventually become successful in causing a rift between Manini and Siddharth by convincing him that Manini is characterless and is having an affair with Arjun. Siddharth tortures and torments Manini and becomes over-possessive and maniacal. Manini loses her mental balance and is sent to the mental asylum from where Arjun rescues her. He pledges to avenge the torture that was inflicted on Manini by her in-laws. Rajlaxmi gets Siddharth and Neha engaged. Meanwhile, Arjun gets to know that he is the illegitimate son of Surya, Siddharth's father. Arjun takes this opportunity to enter into Siddharth's house with Manini and he pretends that he has got married to her. How will Arjun teach the wrongdoers a lesson? Will Manini get back her mental stability? Will Siddharth realize his mistake? Who will Manini choose when she is back to normalcy - Arjun or Siddharth?