Pari - Episode 1230 - 11th September 2017

A youthful love story. Akash and Pari are eternal soulmates and deeply in love with each other. However, many a times, love turns into indulgence and possession. While Badal the adopted son of the family was madly in love with Pari, his wife Charu was besotted with Akash and married Badal to take revenge from Pari. Even though Badal and Charu try their best to create confusions and misunderstandings between Akash and Pari, they come closer emerging victorious and stronger than before.

The innate purity and goodness of Pari overshadows their evil and the story takes a dramatic twist wherein Pari becomes not only responsible for the character transformation of Badal & Charu but also in igniting the spark of love for each other in their hearts. Finally Badal & Charu have fallen in love with each other and Charu becomes a staunch supporter and friend of Pari. The four, now together, face many other challenges and perils which fall upon them and their family and overcome them united.
What happens next is to be seen in the further enthralling episodes of Pari.