To Aganara Tulasi Mun


To Aganara Tulasi Mun - Episode 1385 - 11th September 2017

Tulasi, true to her name stays pious and pure and braves all odds to protect her love Chandan and his family. Despite facing many opposing forces in the form of Lisa (the antagonist who is besotted with marrying Chandan), Lisa's maternal uncle & Nandu (who is besotted with Tulasi), and adverse situations, wherein she comes close to losing Chandan, her love wins all and finally all others in Chandan's family who were against her slowly come in her support and accept her including Chandan's father Dhananjoy who had been despising her the most.

Driven by frustration, extreme hatred and jealousy, Lisa who was previously plotting to defame Tulasi and create a split between her & Chandan, resorts to eliminating her permanently from her path by killing her. Hitting her repeatedly on the head and burning her badly, Lisa and her goons have left Tulasi for dead, when she is rescued and falls into the hands of Dr. Mihir who gives her the face of his dead wife by plastic surgery and an entirely new identity Ichha and tells her that she is his wife and mother of his child.

Having lost her memory, Tulasi is bewildered. She gets flashes of her past but Dr. Mihir suppresses it through his medicines. Fate intervenes and Tulasi as Ichha gets a job in Chandan's company and both get irresistibly attracted towards each other. Though initially bound by social and moral norms and trying to fight their feelings for each other, their true love overwhelms the falsity of Mihir & Ichha's pseudo marriage and both Chandan & Ichha (Tulasi) express their love for each other. Mihir on the other hand has guessed that Tulasi is actually Chandan's wife and evil that he is he resorts to methods like threatening and attempted molestation in a bid to subdue Ichha and retain her. In desperation Ichha (Tulasi) escapes from his clutches and runs away to be found by Chandan.

What more twists and turns are round the corner? Whether Chandan & Tulasi would be reunited again remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes of this serial.