To Aganara Tulasi Mun

To Aganara Tulasi Mun : CAST

  • Tulasi
    Tulasi Religious, pious, honest and beautiful, that is Tulasi. She is an obedient daughter, a soft lover and a beautiful individual. Tulasi is fresh and magical as her name suggests; her presence brings about an aura of happiness and positivity wherever she goes.
  • Chandan
    Chandan Chandan is the only son to his parents and a worthy business man, calmness and serenity defines a part of his personality. His positive and passionate approach towards life and love is something that makes him stand out.
  • Lisa
    Lisa Lisa is the only daughter to her parents. She is arrogant, selfish and cunning. Her approach towards life is definitely not impressive; rather her desperation and neediness to possess something or someone would make any sane person pity on her. She is intelligent when it comes to work on the other hand, she is rude and heartless when it comes to selfishness.